• Specialist in Rhinoplasty

    Aesthetic nose job with natural results.

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  • Aesthetic Facial Surgery

    Enhance your beauty with our facial rejuvenation procedures.

  • Ear ailment care

    Ear washing and cleaning, care of vertigo, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), ear pain.

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  • Nose and Paranasal Sinuses Specialist

    Recover your breathing, eliminate sinusitis and deviated septum

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  • Attention to Throat and Laryngeal Conditions

    Throat infections, tonsil infections (tonsillitis), tonsil surgery, laryngitis, laryngitis

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Rhinoplasty Specialist in Monterrey

Rhinoplasty Price in Monterrey .

Meet Dr. Kristopher Tavizon

Otolaryngologist and Head and Neck Surgeon
professional ID: 8957033
No.Certification of CONACEM: TAA-3038/19
specialty license: 11650285

  • General Surgeron and Medical Degree (CUM LAUDE Recognition)

    Monterrey University

  • Specialty In Otorhinolaryngology And Head And Neck Surgery

    Monterrey University

  • Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery

    National Autonomous University of Mexico

  • Fellowship In Facial Plastic Surgery And Adjuvant Procedures

    Aguadulce Medical Specialty Center Professor Dr. Antonio Adame

  • Rhinoplasty Fellowship in Turkey

    Medipol Mega Hospital Istanbul Turkiye

  • Rhinoplasty Fellowship in Brasil

    Hybrid Rhinoplasty Training Program at Perface Academy

  • Rhinoplasty Fellowship in Ecuador

    Externsor septal 593 Clinica CorpFace

  • Rhinoplasty Fellowship in México

    Centro de Rinología y Cirugía Estética Integral

Studies and Certifications


Certification by the Mexican Board of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery A.C. 2019-2024

Member of the College of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervicofacial Surgery of the state of Nuevo Leon, A.C.

Mexican Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.

Member of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery.


Studied at UNAM

Member of the Mexican Society of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery.

Studies at the University of Monterrey

Member of the Mexican Federation of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.

Rhinoplasty Specialist in Monterrey

Rhinoplasty Price in Monterrey .

The cost of a Rhinoplasty depends on the needs of each patient, since some patients may require purely aesthetic surgery and others may require aesthetic and functional surgery.

In some cases, it may be necessary to obtain special grafts as well as auricular concha or costal cartilage grafts to achieve the most optimal results.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the choice of the Hospital where the surgery will be performed.

Considering this; The price of a rhinoplasty will contain a series of variables to take into account, degree of difficulty of the surgery, type of injectors to use, whether it is a primary, secondary or reconstruction surgery as well as the need for special equipment and hospital to choose.

On average, the cost of a Rhinoplasty can range between $60,000 and $110,000 Mexican pesos.

Rhinoplasty Price in Monterrey .

ENT specialist in Rhinoplasty

  • Outpatient surgery without hospitalization and without tampons
  • Otorhinolaryngologist in Monterrey specialist in cosmetic surgery of the nose as a result we will obtain natural results.

Rhinoplasty Price in Monterrey .

Facial aesthetic surgery

He first performed a detailed analysis of your face identifying which facial rejuvenation procedures could help you.

Finally, we favor the harmony of your face through quick recovery surgeries.

Rhinoplasty Price in Monterrey .

Specialist in nose and paranasal sinus conditions.

  • I first perform a thorough examination of your upper airway to locate the problems affecting the function of your nose and breathing.
  • Finally, I treat problems of the nasal septum structure, enlarged turbinates (turbinate hypertrophy) and sinus surgery (functional nasal endoscoscopy) among others, thus improving your breathing and quality of life.

Rhinoplasty Price in Monterrey .

Care for ear, nose, throat, and larynx ailments

  • Ear cleaning in Monterrey
  • Removal of earwax plugs
  • Ear infection specialist in monterrey
  • Angina and adenoid surgery in children and adults

Rhinoplasty Price in Monterrey .

Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey


Esthetic rhinoplasty

Functional Septoplasty

Aesthetic and Functional Rhinoplasty

Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey

Paranasal sinuses

Sinus Surgery (Functional Endoscopic Nasal Surgery)

Endoscopic Septoplasty

nasal turbinate adiofrequency

Submucosal turbinate resection

Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey

Facial aesthetic surgery


•Mentoplasty augmentation

•Cervical liposuction


•Botox application

Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey


•Ear cleaning

•Placement of ventilation pipes


•Surgery for chronic ear conditions

•Treatment of acute and chronic ear infections

Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey


•Tonsil (angina) surgery

•Treatment of chronic and acute throat infections

•Adenoid surgery

Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey


•Laryngeal endoscopy in the office and surgical

•Laryngeal nodule surgery

•Laryngeal polyp surgery

•Surgery of benign and malignant larynx tumors


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Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey
Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey
Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey
Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey
Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey
Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey


Precio de Rinoplastia en Monterrey

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